Criminal law is complex and constantly changing. An experienced attorney understands not only the law, but the local legal system of judges, prosecutors, and courts and how to obtain the best results for you.

We begin by doing a thorough investigation of the facts and law of your case. Were your rights violated? Did law enforcement comply with required procedures? What witnesses are there? Is the police report complete or did the police do an inadequate investigation? Have you been overcharged?

Whatever needs to be done to protect your rights and ensure the best outcome for your case, you can be sure we will do it. And if the case must be tried, we will put in the time and effort necessary to do absolutely everything we can do to give you the best chance at a not guilty verdict.

Whether you’re charged with a serious felony or with a traffic violation, we’ll put your interests first and do everything to help you fight criminal charges. 

If you’re charged with a crime, before you do anything, call us first at (843) 695-0830.