Creditor Negotiation

charleston, sc debt settlement -- calculatorSometimes bankruptcy is not the right option for clients. Our approach is to tailor our advice to each client’s unique financial needs. For many clients, bankruptcy might not work well. Maybe they don’t have enough debt to justify filing bankruptcy.

Maybe they don’t qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and don’t want to be in a five-year Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  There are many situations in which debt settlement is a good option. This involves an out-of-court workout with creditors in which each creditor settles its claim for less than the full amount of the debt.

Using a bankruptcy lawyer to negotiate with your creditors is a good idea for two main reasons: First, the creditor knows you’re serious about getting the matter resolved and that our firm can file bankruptcy if the creditor doesn’t accept the proposal. Second, we’ll make sure the settlements are done correctly and that we have all the documentation on each agreement we reach. After all, you don’t want the creditor coming back later.

If you want to explore debt settlement, let’s discuss whether it’s right for you.