When Keeping Your Home Matters, Call Us.  

Facing foreclosure is scary. It’s also confusing.  Should you surrender your home or try to keep it? What about bankruptcy? Is Chapter 13 an option? What about mortgage modification? And what mortgage modification program should you chose?

We’ll give you all your options. Our approach is to learn everything we can about your entire financial situation. Your situation is unique, and so are your needs. We need to get to know you to get the “big picture.”

Sometimes we use several approaches deal with a client’s unique needs. Sometimes that means pursuing mortgage modification. At other times we explore mortgage modification, while, at the same time, defending a foreclosure action. For other clients, Chapter 13 bankruptcy works best. Whatever your situation, we’ll do our best to find the right solution for your financial problems.

We’re committed to offering cost-effective, feasible solutions to your foreclosure problem. Call us at (843) 695-0830.  And for in-depth foreclosure information, check out our foreclosure blog.