We Do One Thing: Help Charleston area Consumers and Businesses with Financial Problems

It’s our mission, and we’re passionate about it. Our goal is to find the right solution for our clients’  financial problems and to always put their interests first.

We love what we do because we get to help real people.  We help our neighbors and our friends. Regular folks. We don’t represent Corporate America. Corporate America has plenty of lawyers and lots of money on its side. It has plenty of friends in Congress, too.

We think it’s about time someone stood up for the voters, not just the vote buyers. We live in this community and have dedicated ourselves to helping ordinary folks with extraordinary problems.

When you have financial problems, you feel lost and alone—confused. We’re here to help, and our websites contain FAQs, blog posts, links, and other information to keep you informed. You have the right to be treated with truth, fairness, dignity and respect. You also have the right to hire a lawyer who cares. Whether it’s bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, or creditor negotiation, we’ll do everything we can to find the right solution to your financial problems.

Don’t try to deal with your financial problems alone. Call us at (843) 695-0830. We’re ready to help.

Russell DeMott, Charleston Area Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense Lawyer



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What Our Clients Are Saying...

The DeMott Law Firm was very helpful through a most difficult time in our life. They were always available to answer questions and concerns. They took away much of the stress and worry. During the ‘meeting of the creditors’ with the trustee it was obvious we made the best choice in hiring the DeMott Law Firm. As we waited for our turn(...)

“Always available to answer questions and concerns”
Posted on:

I am a widow, who has lost her home to foreclosure, with harassment and several other attempts by Fannie Mae at a new foreclosure requesting a deficiency judgement. In brief, my case was a very complicated situation. I had been in court pro se, with a pile of documentation, when the Master in Equity the Honorable Judge Simmons, Greenville(...)

“Highly recommend anyone facing foreclosure”
Posted on:

Let me start by saying that Russ DeMott is the first lawyer we've ever worked with that we actually like as a person! Filing for bankruptcy was a very difficult and emotional decision for my husband and I, and Russ and his staff were thoroughly supportive, sympathetic, and kind. In addition, they really know their stuff! Everything was(...)

“Supportive, sympathetic, and kind”
Posted on:

Compassionate is not a word commonly used to describe an attorney, but Russ’ responsive approach has proven to me that he is genuinely a gracious person who sincerely cares about his clients and their wellbeing. He is an astute lawyer, knowledgeable beyond imagination with a brilliant intellect in his field. He and his associate Kristina have(...)

“A gracious person who sincerely cares about his clients”
Posted on:

Russ and his entire staff are superb! Not only did he help me during the filing of my case, but he was also available to assist me after my case had been discharged. My case was very complex and I often found myself becoming very frustrated with the entire process. However, no matter how many emails I would send or calls I would make to Russ(...)

“Not once was I made to feel like a bother or a nuisance”
Posted on:

My husband and I would like to say Thank You to Russ DeMott and his staff for everything! When I lost my job this past year it put us in such a financial bind that we didn't know what to do. So, we had to make the decision to file bankruptcy. It wasn't something we wanted to do it was what we had to do. We chose Russ DeMott as our bankruptcy(...)

“Great to work with”
Posted on:

After years of putting off the inevitable, I started to research the reality of filing for bankruptcy. One of the first things I found was Mr. DeMott’s website. It immediately put my mind at ease with simple and clear explanations for many of the questions that had been keeping me up at night. Shortly thereafter, I made an appointment for a(...)

“Highly recommend Russ and the staff”
Posted on:

My wife and I were struggling financially and considered bankruptcy as an option. We met with Mr. Demott, and he quickly made us feel at ease about our situation. We no longer felt embarrassed, hesitant, or fearful about bankruptcy. His calm manner and extensive knowledge left us feeling confident that we made the right choice. As we gathered(...)

“Tonya and both Rita helped immeasurably during the process”
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